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Rare Queen of Bavaria aka Golden conure female for adoption. Either single or as a pair. Bird is not free; these are listed on the C.I.T.E.S Endangered species list. Tame. Steps up. Loud birds when calling.
"Muppet" is a sweet and lovely rare hybrid cockatoo who is extremely tame and intelligent. She is a rosebreasted/Goffin hybrid. Steps up, very cuddly and affectionate and super talkative.
This is Nugent. He is a Red Fronted Macaw Male. His age is unknown. He is a retired breeder bird. Pumpkin is a work in progress and we have been working with getting him more socialized. He is still very scared and will not step up. We will continue to work with him however any interested adopter would have to be experienced and be willing to work with him. Breeders need not apply.... More Info...
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